has more than 500 machines in stock
for the production of wooden crates
for fruits and vegetables and
has the 99% of spare parts by Corali, Simca, Laffi,
Temsa, Sodeme, Eurotem and SMD.

During its 50 years experience in automatic machines for wooden crates, Valerio Brignoli SRL has built up a stock of over 500 machines ready to be sold and delivered and is the leader in spare parts supply: ranging from the parts for machinery 50 years old to the most modern electronic spare parts


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2 months ago

Valerio Brignoli Srl
Vendo volvo V90 R design immatricolata N1 dicembre 2019 98.000 km ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Valerio Brignoli Srl
FD5000 is now complete!Get in touch with us at edo@brignolisrl.com to place your order ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Valerio Brignoli Srl
Bottoms making machine now in function in our customers facility!At Valerio Brignoli SRL we can provide the widest array of solutions to any production need you might have.Contact us at edo@brignolisrl.com to inquire us about improving your production ... See MoreSee Less
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Valerio Brignoli srl

Legal Address:
Via Vincenzo Monti, 47 – 20123 Milano

Operating Office & delivery address:
Via dell’Industria, 535 – Vignola (MO)

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